About us

Duct workFire Protection Ltd is part of the Hotchkiss Group and one of Britain’s leading manufacturers and installers of fire-resistant ductwork. Fire Protection Ltd markets the Flamebar range of passive fire resistant products, including the highly successful Flamebar BW11 fire-rated duct system.

Our reputation for innovative technology and service reliability is industry wide and our fire resistant products and services safeguard many of Britain’s most prestigious buildings.

Our pioneering fire rated ductwork systems result from expertise in two technologies - ductwork manufacturing and the production of fire resistant coatings - creating an unrivalled system of fire protection - far in advance of more traditional competitor products. A continuous research and development programme ensures that we meet building specifiers most exacting standards, by setting new standards in the industry. Our products are exhaustively tested to meet, and often exceed, all statutory British and ISO standards.

As the leader in our field, we work closely with our clients, not only to provide them with specialist products and capability to meet any fire rated, resistant ductwork requirement, but also ensuring that our extensive technical support is always available at every stage of their project.